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An exclusive networking group, where members can pass referrals and gain practical insights to grow their business. To see if you qualify:

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Our consulting offerings are always ‘made to order’, and unique to every person and organization. For an initial discussion, please click below and select an area you wish to receive information on.

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We work with inspired professionals and organizations to help them learn and improve their skill sets – with an aim to grow their sphere of influence and business. Our areas of focus are Business Networking, Strategy, Leadership and Teambuilding.

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Our Values

Values have defined our prevailing and evolving culture, and used in everyday language. They shape our decisions and help us to do the right thing towards making a real difference. Moreover, each of our 3 values represents a right mix of attitudes and behaviors that we strive for - and look for the same in our clients and partners.
Integrity: Brave and Emphatic
Intelligence: Confident and Respectful
Intensity: Driven and Purposeful

Our Partners

Just like you, we rely on industry experts for guidance and coaching. For this very purpose we have forged long term partnerships with Network in Action, and Resource Associates Corporation. This has enabled us to be part strong network of over 500 professionals globally, where we are always sharing and learning about best practices.


A Sampling Of Our Clients


"I was fortunate to attend an event where Sumair spoke with us about leadership and team building here in Kansas City. Sumair gets it. He takes a no-nonsense approach to his coaching sessions. Sumair uses solid examples to illustrate practical skills instead of relying in gimmicks. Particularly helpful was the discussion on how to leverage diverse talents to make teams stronger. For instance, good conceptual thinkers need to be paired with team members who work the details. Just great stuff!"

Paul Schlimm
Assistant Professor - US Army Command and General Staff College at US Army

As a peer, I found Sumair to be focused and dedicated. He was great at managing customer expectations, and played a critical role in managing key accounts. In addition, Sumair never relied on existing business and was always working with his team to acquire new business.

Umar Khan
Marketing Leader - Middle East, Africa & Turkey at General Electric