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Think RE-TOOLING not Retiring

I know. The picture doesn't portray the retired life. There is no beach, sunset or cocktails.

I got inspired to write this blurb after being interviewed on a TV Show about planning to retire..and in my view this is what retirement looks like. The journey continues till the last breath...So what come to your mind when you think of retirement or better yet...how do you plan for retirement...?!?

To me there are three things...

1....Look after your health...Eat right and exercise...by exercise I am not talking about the 6 pack...just be fit enough to feel good and have a routine or habit to to workout 2 to 3 times a week..

2....Have a piggy bank. Every month put something away in a pension fund, insurance policy. Depending upon your risk appetite - invest in dividend yielding stocks...

3....Last but not the least, think retool not retire. I bet you have special skills like IT, Writing, Finance, Gardening. Figure out what you are passionate about..and practice your craft and explore the freelance and on-line world..,before you know it, you will start earning extra. There are so many success stories of free lancers. Why not you?

For whom the bell curve tolls…
'I miss you boss' - the lonely/loyal subordinate

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Guest - Mitch on Thursday, 07 December 2017 10:14

great article

great article
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