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'I miss you boss' - the lonely/loyal subordinate

It's an age old phrase 'When the cat is away the mice will play' - which is fine. But if you are not even playing, and just  being miserable, because the boss is not there to tell you what to do....you need help...not from someone else but from yourself.

Last week I met two executives who face similar problems with their team. One of them is an advertising executive, and she got back from her annual leave and not to her surprise - the team didn't get anything done while she was gone. 
The other executive is a CEO of one of the leading NGOs, and she was telling me that her team focuses more on her coordinates while she is out for meetings to raise funds instead of getting things done at their end.
If you happen to fall into any of the above categories, and can't function without a boss then the only person you are damaging is.....yourself. 

Sure, you can always say that I am not empowered enough or I don't have the authority. But guess what there is always someone who gets everything done, while you are being miserable or wasting time stalking people on Facebook. 
You know this person. He is probably sitting in the next cubicle who you might refer to as 'The Favourite'. 

The favourite,  has the ability to influence the boss, negotiate deadlines, even takes time out to make presentations for the boss and in the process gets the promotion you wanted, and the increment you wanted.  

So stop hating the favourite, and learn something from him. If your ego doesn't allow you to, then look for a mentor and beg them to coach you in acquiring habits of successful people. 

But wait a minute. He is the favourite not because of her work ethic or ambition to succeed but for reasons that you and other office colleagues have brainstormed. And while I must appreciate your competency to brainstorm - unfortunately the end result doesn't do anyone good. Not to mention that you have wasted more of your precious time.

So here is the thing. Stop wasting your time. If you are not empowered to make decisions while your boss is not in the office - improve your skill set or acquire a new skill. Maybe open up a new tab next to your Facebook and start looking for ways to become better every day...but whatever you do...stop missing your boss and get on with your life.....

Think RE-TOOLING not Retiring


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Friday, 22 November 2019