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Change the Narrative. Not the Brand.

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Jane: 'A man's strengths flows from the same well as his weaknesses. You don't change the man to fit the narrative. You change the narrative to fit the man.'

Jane is a Political Consultant, a character played by Sandra Bullock in Our Brand is Crisis (2015). And this line is apt for learning to craft a story around a person, a brand or a business. Very often I see people force fitting narratives which sound good but does not really tell the real story. As a result it almost becomes impossible to live the story, because if it's not real  - people will see through it, and you will be called out.

Let's face it. It's hard to change a man. So work on changing your narrative - so its authentic. It's not easy, so keep working on your story, and it will evolve into the real representation of you, your business...your brand. Or in words of Max Frisch:

'We try on stories as try we try on clothes' 

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Friday, 22 November 2019