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Sumair Abro
Sumair Abro

Couch to K2

Couch to K2
  End of another year. Time to reflect, and plan for life in the New Year. Right? Maybe not as we did set goals last year around the same time, but they got lost in the couch - like the TV remote. Fortunately, the remote was easy to find, but goals? They seem to have a special hiding place in the couch, and somehow they magically reappear the same time next year. If that’s not magic – I don’t know what is… Speaking of couches, Josh Clark who ignited the running revolution with his program couch to 5k had a theory about interval running which made him become a lifelong runner. The funny thing is that he absolutely hated everything about running, but his theory and system worked. So, do checkout his story. It’s all over the internet, and it might inspire you. For me, one of the key learnings...
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